Community Chest Grants

Local community groups and organisations are invited to apply for a Community Chest Grant.

The Parish Council sets aside £500-£1000 each financial year to award as small grants to support the work of local organisations, groups, initiatives and events.

To find out more, see the Community Chest Grant Policy and Application Form below. Please contact the Parish Council if you require help with completing the form.

Applications are discussed and considered by the Parish Council at its Full Council meetings.  
Community Chest Grant Policy
Community Chest Grant application form 


Grants awarded

Westbourne Parish Council is pleased to have awarded grants to the following organisations.

£433 to Westbourne Weekend to support the Grove on the Grass event in July 2021. 

£100 to resident Glynis Lockley in September 2020 who delivered afternoon tea to elderly residents in Westbourne on Remembrance Day. 

£250 to Tuppenny Barn in May 2020 to support local families in need, including those from Westbourne, during the coronavirus outbreak. 

£64.70 in April 2020 towards a joint project with Greening Westbourne and Mill Meadows Farm to protect water voles along the mill stream on Mill Lane.  

£450 to Westbourne Cricket Club in January 2020 towards the cost of new cricket nets. 

£50 to Westbourne Baptist Church in December 2019 towards the cost of a community Christmas event held at The Meeting Place. 

£200 to Greening Westbourne in  December 2018 to promote Westbourne Wildlife Watch for residents to report sightings to help protect species and green spaces.