Westbourne's Neighbourhood Plan

Residents voted in favour of Westbourne's Neighbourhood Plan at a referendum on Thursday 29 July 2021. 

Following Chichester District Council's Cabinet meeting on 7 September 2021 and Full Council meeting on 21 September 2021, it was resolved to 'Make' the Westbourne Neighbourhood Plan 2017-2029.

This means that the Westbourne Neighbourhood Plan has been brought into legal force, and forms part of the statutory Development Plan for Westbourne. Consequently, decisions on whether or not to grant planning permission in Westbourne will need to be made in accordance with the Westbourne Neighbourhood Plan 2017-2029, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

A full copy of Westbourne Neighbourhood Plan is available on the Chichester District Council website

It's also available in the right-hand box on this page, along with the background information and earlier drafts of the consultation documents. 

What is a Neighbourhood Plan? 

The purpose of a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) is to give people a say in planning issues such as the provision of housing, promoting shops and local businesses, giving opportunities for employment and protecting green space. It also gives communities a say on what any new buildings should look like and what facilities should be provided to support development. NPs are a government initiative under the Localism Act 2011, and can be produced by town or parish councils in consutlation with their communities but must be consistent with legislation and national and local planning policies.

A steering group of volunteers, including parish councillors, consulted widely over a seven year period to write the current and first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan to gather the views of the community. It was important that everyone contributed their views on how they wanted the Parish to develop in the future. 


“It is important to maintain a balance in a rural community, so one needs a bit of everything without any aspect dominating to the point that it takes over everything else”

Westbourne's Neighbourhood Plan
Westbourne's Village Design Statement 
Consultation statement
Basic conditions statement 
Consultation documents
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