Recreation grounds

The Common, Monk's Hill


The Common on Monk’s Hill was granted in 1859 to Admiral Sir Provo William Percy Wallis who live in Funtington. There were a number of conditions, including that the land was at all times to be used as a place for exercise and recreation. It was then passed through inheritance to a number of people before being bought by the Parish Council in 1948 for £40. In 1973, the Parish Council registered the land as a charity (Charity Commission number 265105) to protect it from future development. A governing document is available.

The Common consists of four acres of open space overlooking the hills of the South Downs National Park, and is ideal for a range of sports and leisure activities. It includes a fenced off children’s playground, which was refurbished with the latest play equipment in 2018 and 2020, adult outdoor exercise equipment, football goal posts, picnic tables and benches, and a car park.

An oak tree was planted in 2018 at The Common to celebrate the achievements of Tim Peake – British astronaut from Westbourne. Tim also formally opened the refurbished playground.
Mill Road
Mill Road Recreation Ground

The recreation ground at Mill Road is leased by the Parish Council from Chichester District Council. It includes a large open space with football goal posts, a children’s play area suitable for younger and older children, a skate park, a football/basketball pitch, and adult outdoor exercise equipment. There are also a number of benches and picnic tables and a car park.

The Parish Council owns the land used for the allotments and leases it to the Westbourne Allotment Association.  


Recreation ground and playground inspections

The Parish Council employs Stewart Cormack from GM Support as a playground inspector to inspect the play equipment on a weekly basis during the summer months and on a fortnightly basis during the winter. These regular inspections are vital to ensure that the recreation grounds and equipment are safe for the public to use and in good working order. Repairs or defects are recorded and reported to the Parish Council so that the required works can be carried out and rectified. Stewart also inspects that Parish Council's two defibrillators to ensure they are in good working order. 

The Parish Council employs Kompan to carry out operational inspections three times per year and an annual inspection which is more in depth. The Parish Council is required to carry out these inspections for insurance purposes.    

 Stewart Cormack, playground inspector

Tree surveys

The Parish Council has the trees at both recreation grounds regularly surveyed and maintained to ensure they are in good condition and do not cause any injury to those who use the recreation grounds. 

Please follow this guidance at the playgrounds