Parish Council grant scheme

Local community groups and organisations are invited to apply to the Parish Council for a grant to support a specific purpose, project or initiative that would benefit the Parish, or residents of the Parish, and which is not directly controlled or administered by the Parish Council.

The Parish Council awards grants, at its absolute discretion, to not-for-profit, charitable or volunteer organisations or worthy causes which can demonstrate a clear need for financial support to achieve an objective which would benefit the Parish by providing a service, enhancing the quality of life, improving the environment or promoting the Parish in a positive way.

The Parish Council is legally able to make grants to the community under the General Power of Competence, which permits councils 'to do anything individuals generally may do as long as they do not break other laws'. The Parish Council is also legally able to make grants to registered charities under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 which states that donations can be spent for the benefit of part or all of the community but not to an individual, and that grants must be commensurate to the benefit, representing good value for money and being fairly distributed. The Parish Council makes provision for awarding grants within its annual budget.

Community Chest grants 

The Parish Council sets aside £500 each financial year (April to March) to award as small grants to support the work of local organisations, groups, initiatives and events. The typical size grant is circa £100-150 each to allow a number of grants to be awarded in any year. The Council has the discretion to make larger or smaller grants depending on the merits of any particular case. Applications for a Community Chest grant are considered throughout the year.  

Other grants 

Applications for funding that is greater than is available through the Community Chest scheme, are considered by the Parish Council on a case by case basis. Applications should be received by 1 November in the year preceding the funding requirement. If the application is successful, the grant is then planned into the budget of the next financial year and is awarded in the April.  

Grant policy

Full details about the grants scheme are available in the policy below, along with details about the information that should be submitted in support of your application. 

For further information, please contact the Parish Clerk



Grants awarded

Westbourne Parish Council is pleased to have awarded grants to the following organisations.

£100 to Woodmancote Residents' Association in May 2023 for flower planters for the triangle. 

£100 to Westbourne History Group in May 2023 to support their meetings.

£2,877 to Westbourne Community Hall in April 2023 for new flooring in the entrance hall. 

£156 in December 2022 to the Westbourne History Group to help cover the cost of their venue hire for meetings. 

£250 in November 2022 to The Meeting Place towards costs for the Warm Space being offered to the local community over the winter. 

£150 to the Ems Valley Memorial Arboretum for new trees at Hampshire Farm Meadows in July 2022. 

£433 to Westbourne Weekend to support the Grove on the Grass event in July 2021. 

£100 to resident Glynis Lockley in September 2020 who delivered afternoon tea to elderly residents in Westbourne on Remembrance Day. 

£250 to Tuppenny Barn in May 2020 to support local families in need, including those from Westbourne, during the coronavirus outbreak. 

£64.70 in April 2020 towards a joint project with Greening Westbourne and Mill Meadows Farm to protect water voles along the mill stream on Mill Lane.  

£450 to Westbourne Cricket Club in January 2020 towards the cost of new cricket nets. 

£50 to Westbourne Baptist Church in December 2019 towards the cost of a community Christmas event held at The Meeting Place. 

£200 to Greening Westbourne in  December 2018 to promote Westbourne Wildlife Watch for residents to report sightings to help protect species and green spaces.