Speed Indicator Devices

Published: 19 July 2019

Westbourne Parish Council has installed two mobile speed indicator devices to alert drivers of the speed they are travelling at. Both are currently at the entrance to the village - one on Monk's Hill and the other on Foxbury Lane. This is the latest measure put in place by the Council to help reduce the speed of traffic going through Westbourne and to help drivers keep to the speed limit. The devices are secured to lampposts and can be moved to other locations. They also capture data so the Parish Council will now have an accurate record of the speed of all passing vehicles so that it can be used as evidence if further traffic calming measures are required. The Parish Council is now discussing if more are required in other areas, such as on Emsworth Common Road in Aldsworth. 

The Community Speed Watch will continue to monitor the speed of traffic. See more information if you would like to find more or join the team.