New trees proposed

Published: 29 June 2020

The Parish Council would like to plant new small, decorative trees on the wide grass verges of Churcher Road, Homefield Road and Edgell Road in Westbourne.

The project to plant trees will boost the environmental value of the area by providing a habitat for birds and other wildlife as well as contributing to cleaner air. The trees would also enhance the visual appeal of the area for the benefit of local residents. It is believed trees used to be present in these locations when the housing was first built thirty five years ago, however, they have unfortunately been lost.

West Sussex County Council, who is responsible for the maintenance of the verges, has given permission for the new trees to be planted and has offered to part-fund the project and look after them in the years to come. The Parish Council will be applying for funding from Chichester District Council to pay for its contribution towards the new trees.

Greening Westbourne, a local environmental group, will support with watering the trees to help them reach maturity. The Parish Council will also look for volunteers who live locally to support this. A similar project has been carried out on Ellesmere Orchard where local residents have 'adopted' individual trees to help look after them. 

Support the project 

A letter outlining the plans for the new trees along with map of the proposed locations and species of trees has been sent to residents on Churcher, Homefield and Edgell Roads to seek their opinion.

Please support the project by contacting the Parish Council to let us know your views.