Interpretation board

Published: 05 July 2020

The Parish Council would like to install an interpretation board at The Common on Monk's Hill using funding available from Chichester District Council. The photograph shows an example of a similar board. 

The purpose of the board would be to: 

  • inform residents about the history of The Common. The land was granted in 1859 to Admiral Sir Provo William Percy Wallis who lived in Funtington. There were a number of conditions when he received the land, including that it is at all times to be used as a place for exercise and recreation. It was then passed through inheritance to a number of people before being bought by the Parish Council in 1948 for £40. In 1973, the Parish Council registered the land as a charity to protect it from future development.
  • give details of wild plants and wildlife at the site such as bush crickets. There are also wild orchids present on the cricket ground which is located on the northeast side of the recreation ground and this site is designated as a Site of Nature Conservation Importance due to their presence. 
  • To outline local landmarks and points of interest from the view of the South Downs National Park which can be seen in the distance. Monk's Hill is the highest part of the village and on a clear day many miles in the distance can be seen.
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