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Published: 25 November 2021

It's not too late to send your comments to Havant Borough Council on the 210 houses proposed for Long Copse Lane in Emsworth. 

Unsustainable development

A new development of 210 houses, possibly 260, is being considered for land north of Long Copse Lane in Emsworth. The Parish Council has sent an objection to Havant Borough Council and is urging residents in Westbourne to also send their comments to the planning authority.

The Parish Council has objected on the following grounds:

  • An unsustainable extension of northern Emsworth into an area of open countryside, far away from an established centre with associated amenities and facilities, including public transport.
  • The density of other developments in more sustainable areas of the Borough should be considered first to meet Havant's housing allocations before even considering this site.
  • The developer has underestimated the attractiveness of Westbourne which would be seen as the primary location for shopping, schooling, pubs and restaurants yet no new infrastructure is planned to support our village. Our roads are congested, parking is already difficult and services are stretched.
  • Services in Emsworth are two miles away so, as there is no availability of public transport, car journeys would be the only way to get around.
  • It would generate an extra 500+ vehicles per day, including light and heavy goods vehicles. Long Copse Lane, a rural and narrow road, is unsuitable for any more vehicles and it would greatly affect those living in Westbourne. 
  • Pedestrians, cyclists and the many horse riders that use the Lane would be vulnerable due to poor visibility, lack of footpaths, and limited space available for vehicles to pass.
  • It would have an impact on the local environment and River Ems, which we've worked hard to protect through the creation of a Wildlife Corridor which runs close to the site. There would be a loss of habitat for wildlife and 12 species of bats, including one of the largest colonies of rare Bechstein's bats in the country.
  • There's insufficient capacity at Thornham Waste Water Treatment Works to deal with the new housing, which could lead to more pollution in Chichester Harbour.
  • Pressure on Havant Borough Council to meet government housing targets is the only reason the site is being considered.
Please send your comments today!