HGV petition

Published: 13 October 2022

Please the petition sign to ban HGVs in Westbourne 

The Parish Council has launched a petition to ask West Sussex County Council to ban HGVs from travelling through Westbourne. Those needing access to local businesses would still be permitted under the proposals. 

Cllr Richard Hitchcock said: "Resident consultations for the Neighbourhood Plan in 2014 showed 82% agreed that heavy goods vehicles should not be permitted to travel through Westbourne - people's top priority. It's a safety issue for pedestrians on narrow roads, in one-way systems due to a lack of on-road parking for many households, as well as a general cause of congestion and frustration for road users in Westbourne."

Sign the petition 

If you would like HGVs - other than those delivering to local businesses - to be banned from travelling through Westbourne, please sign the petition.  

Many HGVs, apart from local business deliveries, travel through Westbourne as a result of Sat Nav systems taking them through the village, rather than as a stop-off delivery destination. The Parish Council, in partnership with district and county councillors, is working to find a long-term solution to reduce HGVs. For example, a solution could be to have signs on all Westbourne inbound roads about the unsuitability of local roads for HGVs, to directly deter these vehicles.

Please sign the petition, which we will take to West Sussex County Council to use as evidence for community support, for banning all through HGV traffic from Westbourne, apart from those accessing businesses.We would like to show community support for the following: 

  • There are clear demonstrable dangers created by HGVs travelling through Westbourne.
  • The number and frequency of HGVs through Westbourne poses a hazard to residents.
  • A large majority of residents seek a restriction on HGVs travelling through Westbourne.
  • There are suitable alternative HGV routes like Common Road.
  • Alternative routes are practical, eg. do not have weight or width restrictions for HGVs

Share your photos 

The Parish needs your help with providing evidence to the County Council to help develop ideas of reducing HGVs in the village. If you have any photographs which illustrate the kind of problems caused by HGVs travelling through the village, please send them to clerk@westbourne-pc.gov.uk or share them on our Facebook page at facebook.com/Westbournepc

Thank you for your support.