Highways improvements

Published: 17 May 2024

Highways improvements in Aldsworth

The Parish Council and residents in Aldsworth have campaigned for many years for improvements to be made to Emsworth Common Road in Aldsworth. Sections of the road have become an accident blackspot, and inadequate signage, poor road surface and speeding vehicles have made it unsafe for those living nearby. 

A further meeting was held with highways engineers from West Sussex County Council in April, where it was agreed that the following improvements would be made in the autumn.


  • A reduction in the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph.
  • New Aldsworth nameplates to create a gateway effect at the beginning of the speed limit to warn drivers of the residential location.
  • Installation of horse rider warning signs at each end of Aldsworth, with new bend ahead warning signs and associated SLOW markings. 
  • To extend the double white line road markings to include the bend to the east of the first western bends, including verge marker posts and resurfacing of the bend.  
  • To replace the warning signs on the approach to Aldsworth Common Road junction with new direction signs and associated SLOW markings.
  • To adjust the 'road narrow' warning signs at Aldsworth Bridge to avoid them being lost. 
  • Resurfacing the bend at the junction with Aldsworth Common Road.
  • To increase the number of verge marker posts at the bridge.