Evidence base documents

Housing and Population Documents
01 H&P Chichester Local Plan Key Policies 2014 2029 Pdf
02 H&P CDC Housing Information Westbourne December 2014 Docx
03 H&P CDC SHLAA March 2010 Pdf
04 H&P CDC SHLAA March 2013 Pdf
05 H&P CDC SHLAA MAY 2014 Pdf
06 H&P CDC SHLAA May 2014 Map Pdf
07 H&P Localism Act 2011 Pdf
08 H&P National Planning Policy Framework Pdf
09 H&P National Planning Practice Guidance Txt
10 H&P N Yorkshire Accommodation Requirements Of Showmen Report December 2009 Pdf
11 H&P Planning Policy For Traveller Sites Pdf
12 H&P Planning Update March 2015 Written Statement To Parliament Docx
13 H&P Designing Gypsy And Traveller Sites Good Practice Guide Pdf
14 H&P Proof Of Evidence Historic Buildings Advisor Pdf
15 H&P Havant Borough Council Adopted Allocations Plan July 2014 Pdf
16 H&P Havant Borough Council Adopted Core Strategy 2011 Pdf
17 H&P Havant Borough Council Draft Local Plan Housing Statement 2016 Pdf
18 H&P Village Design Statement Pdf
19 H&P Westbourne CACA 2012 Pdf
20 H&P Westbourne GTTSP Evidence Report 2016 Docx
20a H&P Appendix A Letter Exchange WPC, CDC, WSCC Docx
20b H&P Appendix B Statement Re Gypsy Travellers Westbourne 30 10 2016 Docx
20c H&P Appendix C Dist Of Plots Pitches Docx
20d H&P Appendix D Sample Of Objector Comments Docx
20e H&P Appendix E Appeal Decision Old Army Camp 2000 Pdf
20f H&P Appendix F Comments Of Responses Compiled From Reg 14 Consultation Docx
20g H&P Appendix G Enforcement Report To WPC Docx
20h H&P Appendix H Chichester Local Plan KP 36 Docx
20i H&P Appendix I Laying The Foundations A Housing Strategy For England Pdf
20j H&P Appendix J GTTS And ECHR Docx
20k H&P Appendix K Non Designated Asset CL Pdf
20l H&P Appendix L Exchanges Of Emails CDC, Parish Council, PCSO, Community Docx
20m H&P Appendix M Gypsy Traveller And Travelling Showpeople Site Allocation Development Plan Document Review Pdf
20n H&P Appendix N Appeal Re 5 Pitch Site 14 01217 FUL APPEAL ALLOWED 12 4 16 2121069 Pdf
21 H&P Westbourne Neighbourhood Plan GTTS Feb 2017 Pdf
22 H&P WNP Pre Submission Draft 2 September 2016 Pdf
23 H&P Westbourne Parish Plan 2006 Pdf
24 H&P Westbourne Settlement Capacity Profile 2013 Pdf
25 H&P Westbourne West Sussex Ward Profile 2013 Pdf
Heritage Documents
01 HE Archaeology And Heritage Report Long Copse Lane Pdf
02 HE Archaeology Report Cemetery Lane Foxbury Lane September 2012 Pdf
03 HE West Sussex CC Historic Environment Record Pdf

Infrastructure Documents
01 IN Chichester District Council Strategic Flood Review 2008 Pdf
02 IN CDC Residential Parking Standards Doc
03 IN CDC Wastewater Treatment Position Statement 2014 Pdf
04 IN CDC Position Statement On Wastewater And Delivering Development In The Local Plan Pdf
05 IN Chichester District Council Car Park Strategy 2010 2020 Pdf
06 IN LGPS Summary Of December 2014 Meeting On Traffic In Westbourne Pdf
07 IN Westbourne Square Traffic And Parking Discussion Paper 2015 Docx
08 IN West Sussex Transport Plan 2011 2026 Pdf

Landscape and Biodiversity Documents
01 L&B CDC Biodiversity Action Plan 2011 Doc
02 L&B Chichester Landscape Capacity Extension 2011 Pdf
03 L&B CDC Strategic Flood Risk Assessment User Guide Pdf
04 L&B Chichester Harbour Conservancy Management Plan 2014 2019 Pdf
05 L&B Chichester Harbour Conservancy Planning Guidelines 2014 Pdf
06 L&B European Habitats Directive Pdf
07 L&B Westbourne Pre Sub NP SEA Determination Letter 25 10 2016 Pdf
08 L&B South Coast Plain Pdf
09 L&B South Downs State Of The National Park Report Pdf
10 L&B South Downs Landscape Character Areas Pdf
11 L&B South Downs Local Plan Master 24 08 2015 Pdf
12 L&B South Downs Local Character Areas Westbourne CP Pdf
13 L&B SxBRC Westbourne Chalk Streams To Compton Pdf
14 L&B SxBRC Report For Westbourne Parish 2015 Pdf
15 L&B West Sussex CC Historic Landscape Character Assessment Pdf
16 L&B West Sussex Landscape Strategy Countywide Landscape Guidelines Pdf
17 L&B West Sussex Minerals Plan March 2015 Pdf
18 L&B West Sussex Joint Minerals Local Plan April 2016 Pdf
19 L&B West Sussex Rights Of Way Current Provision Pdf
20 L&B Westbourne Important Views Assessment Docx
21 L&B Westbourne Local Gaps Assessment Docx